Donations to Beaverton

There are many ways to support your library (from the Beaverton City Library website):


Friends of the Beaverton City Library

The Friends of the Beaverton City Library is a non-profit corporation organized to support and promote library service in Beaverton by:

  • Providing the Beaverton City Library with supplemental revenue for materials and services not covered by the Library budget. The primary fundraising effort of the Friends is the Book Corner used bookstore.
  • Strengthening relations between the library and schools, local businesses, and other community organizations.
  • Promoting public awareness of the many resources and services the library provides.
  • Participating in Beaverton City events such as SummerFest and SummerFest Parade.

Volunteers and Members are always needed! To learn more about becoming part of this active group of dedicated library supporters phone (503) 643-5188 or stop by the Book Corner located at the corner of 5th and Washington, across the street from the Library Fountain.

The Book Corner used bookstore

In support of the Beaverton City Library, the New Friends of the Beaverton City Library have operated a used bookstore for the past six years.

The Book Corner needs your donations!

Please bring your used books, CDs, audio tapes, and DVDs to the bookstore during open hours. The New Friends of the Beaverton City Library provide tax-deductible receipts for all donations. When you donate books, you allow another person to read and enjoy your books, and, at the same time, you provide additional revenue for the Beaverton City Library.

Visit The New Friends of the Beaverton Library page on the Beaverton Library website.

Library Advisory Board

  • Membership: The Board consists of 7 members appointed by City Council. There may be alternates. Members must be City residents.
    You can use our Boards and Commissions Application to apply for an opening.
  • Powers and Duties: The Board serves in an advisory capacity to the Library Director, the Mayor, and City Council on matters pertaining to the City Library. The Board approves expenditures from the Library Trust fund.
  • Meetings: All members are expected to attend all meetings. Members should have an interest in issues pertaining to libraries. All members are expected to be active participants in board deliberations in a public setting.
  • Materials: All members are expected to read all of the materials related to their meetings, some of which may be long and technical.
  • Time Commitment: All members should be willing to dedicate several hours of preparation and meeting time for each scheduled meeting


Ed House, Library
(503) 526-3705

For more details, visit the Library Advisory Board page of the Beaverton City Library website.

Beaverton Library Foundation

The Beaverton Library Foundation was created to support the Library by providing funding to enhance the Library's programs and services. Foundation funds are managed by an independent board of directors. During recent years the Foundation contributions have increased materials in the large print collection, purchased an adaptive technology workstation so that users with vision impairments could have better access to both printed and electronic resources, enhanced Young Adult Homework Center programs and services, and added materials to the literacy and English as a second language collections.

Revenues are raised through a variety of programs including the Pave-the-Way program and direct mail solicitations. All contributions are tax deductible. Those interested in working with the Foundation or making a contribution to the Library can contact the Foundation at or call (503) 520-8599.

The Foundation's mailing address is:
Beaverton Library Foundation
P.O. Box 602
Beaverton, OR 97075-0602

Visit the Foundation's website for more information.

Contact Information

12375 SW 5th Street
Beaverton, OR 97005