Donations to Cornelius

There are many ways to donate to your library:


Cornelius Public Library accepts donations of books, video and audio books. These will become part of the library collections or for sale through the Friends of Cornelius Public Library.

Donations can be made at the library anytime we are open. Small donations can be received in the bookdrop; we can usually make arrangements to pick up very large donations.


Cornelius Public Library accepts cash and checks. Donations of money are tax deductible, check with your accountant for details. Checks should be made out to "Friends of the Library."


You can participate in either of the two following groups, the Friends of the Cornelius Public Library and the Cornelius Library Advisory Board:

Friends of the Cornelius Public Library

The purpose of this organization shall be to maintain an association of persons interested in libraries, to focus public attention on the library; to stimulate the use of the library’s resources and services; to receive and encourage gifts , endowments and bequests to the library; to support and cooperate with the library in developing library services and facilities for the community; to lend legislative support where needed; and to support the freedom to read as expressed in the American Library Association Bill of Rights.

Membership costs are:

Youth (under 18 years old) $ 1

1 youth card with discount on children’s books at book sale.

Individual $ 10

1 adult card with discount at book sale & local businesses partners.

Admission to special events.

Family $ 35

2 adult cards with discount at book sale & local businesses partners.

Youth cards for children in household.

Admission to special events.

Business $ 100

2 adult cards with discount at book sale & local businesses.

Admission to special events.

Listing as sponsor in publications.

Certificate of Appreciation.

Life Member $1,000

There is no required time commitment; members may attend and/or volunteer for Friends meetings and events.

Meeting schedule is as follows:

Meet the 4th Thursday of each month at 6:30pm in the Council Conference Room, 1310 N. Adair St, Cornelius.

Cornelius  Library Advisory Board

The board shall have the following powers and duties in addition to those granted by resolution of the Council from time to time: Consult with and advise the City librarian on all matters affecting operational policies of the library. Make recommendations to the Council with respect to services, facilities, and all other matters pertaining to the maintenance and improvement of the public library.

The membership of the board shall be appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the Council. Board members shall receive no compensation. The board shall consist of seven members appointed for four year terms commencing from July 1 in the year of their appointment. At the expiration of the term of any member of the board, the Mayor, with the consent of the Council, shall appoint a new member or may reappoint a member for a term of four years. No person shall hold appointment as a member of the board for more than two full consecutive terms, but any person may be appointed again to the board after an interval of one year. The Mayor will, in selecting members for the board, consider individuals who reside inside and outside the City and at least one member of the Board shall reside outside the City.

Board members will attend and prepare for meetings as appropriate. This requires a four year commitment to the Board.

The Advisory Board meets monthly (10 times per year) on the second Wednesday of the month at 7pm in Cornelius Council Chambers, 1310 N. ADAIR, Cornelius, Oregon.

Advisory Board contact information

Board President
c/o Cornelius Public Library
1355 N. Barlow St
Cornelius, OR 97113

Contact Information

1355 N. Barlow St
Cornelius, OR 97113
(503) 357-4093