Art of the Story Festival: Anne Penfound

A native of the British Isles, Anne Penfound grew up in an era when the milkman’s delivery came by horse and cart and the rag and bone man trolled the streets inviting you to bring out your cast off treasures with his distinctive cry “Rag ‘n bone, rag ‘n bone!” Stories were a part of everyday life.

At a young age, Anne moved to Barbados in the Caribbean. Life took on a more colorful hue. She went sailing, tasted exotic fruit, danced to steel band music and saw fish that could fly. Stories came in the form of poetry and song.

Raising her family on Scottish soil, bedtime stories of wild haggis and monsters in the lock were all time favorites.

In 1995 Anne came to live in Portland, Oregon. A chance meeting with a storyteller sparked an interest that she felt impelled to explore. And so an ongoing journey began - listening to, learning and sharing stories, honoring and celebrating the art of the oral tradition.