Art of the Story Festival: Bill Ratner

In addition to his successful career in voiceovers, Bill is a master storyteller - National Storytelling Festival Slam Teller, Best of Hollywood Fringe Festival, eight-time Moth StorySLAM Winner - as well as a published short story writer, essayist, and playwright. He performs his stories in comedy clubs, theaters, taverns, schools, and storytelling festivals across the country.

Bill Ratner’s stories are featured on National Public Radio (The Business, Good Food.) He is the voice of movie trailers (The Campaign, Casa de mi Padre, The Rum Diary, MegaMind, etc.,) documentaries on Smithsonian Channel, Discovery, History, the voice of "Donnel Udina" in Mass Effect 1, 2 & 3, and "Flint" on the original G.I. Joe, Robot Chicken, and Family Guy.

Learn more about Bill at his website.