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GoodReading: Book Reviews and Beyond

Good Reading is a collection of online newsletters full of information about new and favorite books, authors and beyond. The newsletters include book reviews, Author biographies, Author interviews, Illustrator interviews, Lists of bestsellers, Lists of award winning books, Books by theme, Books that have been talked about on TV & Radio, and more.

Cultural Passes

Cultural Passes to Adventure provide free admission to local attractions for varying numbers of guests. Passes are checked out for one day each. Participating libraries have different passes available.

Downloadable audiobooks, video, & ebooks with Library2Go

Library2Go is a service provided by libraries across Oregon, which gives you access to downloadable media on your computer or mobile device. Media can be transferred from your computer to your ebook reader or mp3 player, or if you have a mobile device, downloaded directly via the Overdrive app.

Teacher Resources

Teacher resources will be useful to teachers, homeschool students, daycare providers, and others. They include a range of materials from Themebags (items organized around a theme) to holiday books, music and videos, and big picture books.