Lists in your account & tracking your reading history

While Library2Go does not track all the titles you check out in your account, you can use lists in your account to keep track yourself.

To view view the lists in your account, log in and click on Lists.

By default you will see your Wish List, but to view your Rated Titles, click on the drop-down menu at the top of the screen.

Wish List

To add titles to your Wish List, tap on the ribbon below any book cover in Library2Go.

To remove a title from your Wish List, click on the ribbon to de-select it.

Rated Titles

You can give titles in Library2Go a star rating, and then they will show up in your Rated Titles list. Rating titles you've read is a good way to track your reading history on your own.

Once you've added a rating to a title, it will show up in your Rated Titles list.

To remove a rating from a title, which removes it from this list, click on Remove rating.