Downloading READ format e-books to your browser

Downloading to your browser at a glance

Books in the READ format allow you to download e-books using only your browser

• Many, but not all e-books are available in the READ format
• Use READ e-books on tablets, smartphones and computers with up-to-date web browsers

FAQs about the READ format

Make sure your device meets these requirements

To download books in your browser, you need a device like a computer, tablet or smartphone with an up-to-date browser. Learn which browsers are compatible with the READ format.

If you are using Internet Explorer 9, 8 or 7, you will need to use READ basic.

Download an e-book from your bookshelf

This guide assumes you have already added a title to your bookshelf (checked a title out). Learn how to do that here.

Log in to your Library2Go account

Choose Washington County Cooperative Library Services from the drop-down menu, then enter your WCCLS card number, starting with 23614. Don't include the spaces when you enter the number.

Tap on your Bookshelf, and then on the READ button next to the e-book you want to read.

The e-book will begin to download in a new tab or browser window. You'll notice a progress bar at the bottom of the screen indicating that the book is still downloading.

Once the e-book is fully downloaded to your device, you'll see a message at the bottom of the browser window that says "This book is now available offline." Swipe from the right of the screen to turn the pages and start reading the e-book.

Now you will want to bookmark the e-book so you can return to it easily. Bookmarking varies depending on the device and the browser. In this example we are using an iPad and the Safari browser.

Here we chose to add the e-book bookmark to our home screen.

Here is the book on the iPad's home screen. To read the book, just tap on the bookmark you created. The book will remain on your device until it expires or your return it.

Tips for success

Make sure that you allow the book to fully download before you take your device away from wi-fi or turn off the cellular data. This is the only way to make sure that you will be able to read the book on your device even without an internet connection.

If you clear your browser's cache (history, cookies, etc.), you may lose offline access to the e-book, or you may simply lose your spot in the book, and the book will open at the first page. To be safe, it's best to avoid clearing your browser's cache as long as you are planning to read your book offline.

If you are not sure how your device and browser will work with e-books in the READ format, it's best to practice by adding a book you don't care about losing to your bookshelf. Download it in your browser, and try turning off the wi-fi and/or cellular data on your device. Can you still read the book? Try clearing your browser's cache. What happens then? These are all good things to test out before you intend to read books offline in your browser. There are many combinations of devices, browsers and settings out there, and we aren't able to test all of them. Be sure to test to see how your particular device works with the READ format before you depend on it.