Download ebooks to your computer (& transfer to a NOOK or other e-reader)

Downloadable ebooks at a glance

E-book formats compatible with downloading to Windows or Mac computers, and transferring to NOOK devices or other e-readers:

If you have an e-reader that is not a NOOK, follow the steps below. The only difference is that when you go to transfer your book to your e-reader, it will be called something else in Adobe Digital Editions.

Install & authorize software on your computer

Visit this page and click on Windows or Mac to find the technical requirements.

Create a free Adobe ID by visiting this webpage. You will need this to authorize your software. You may want to write down the email address and password you use, as it's very important you remember it later when authorizing your computer. If you have a NOOK, be sure to use the same email address and password you used to register your NOOK with Barnes & Noble.

Visit this page to download and install Adobe Digital Editions. Once it's installe,d you will need to authorize your computer with the Adobe ID you just created.

To do this, click on Help, then on Authorize Computer.

Enter the email address you just used to create your Adobe ID and then the password. Click on Authorize.

Authorize your device (if transferring your e-book to an e-reader)

Only follow these instructions if you are going to transfer your ebook to an e-reader like a NOOK, Sony or Kobo. If you are reading the book on the computer only, you can skip to the next section.

Plug your e-reader into your computer with the USB cable. Make sure that it is turned on. Your device will appear under Devices in the left-hand menu on the screen.

Click on the name of your device (e.g. NOOK), then click on the gear icon to the right of Devices, then on Authorize Device. If you don't click on the name of your device first to select it, the option to authorize the device will remain greyed out.

You should see the Adobe ID you authorized your computer with listed as the default ID. Click on the Authorize Device button.

Now you are ready to transfer titles to your e-reader from your computer using Adobe Digital Editions.

Download an ebook to your computer

This guide assumes you have already added a title to your bookshelf (checked a title out). Learn how to do that here.

Log in to your Library2Go account by clicking on the account icon. Choose Washington County Cooperative Services from the drop-down menu, and enter your WCCLS card number, starting with 23614.

Click on your Bookshelf, then on the Download button next to the book you want to download.

Choose the format you want to download the book with (EPUB is the best choice, but PDF will also work for reading on your computer). Then click on Confirm & Download.

You will see the option to Open or Save the file. Choose Open, and make sure that the windows shows it will open the book with Adobe Digital Editions.

Once the book has downloaded, Adobe Digital Editions will display the book so you can read it on your computer. To leave the book view and see all of your titles in Adobe Digital Editions, or to transfer the book to your NOOK (or other e-reader), click on the Library button.

Transfer an ebook to your NOOK or other e-reader

Plug your e-reader into your computer with the USB cable and make sure it is on. You should see the name of your device (e.g. NOOK) appear under Devices on the menu on the left of the screen.

Right-click on the book you want to send to your e-reader, then click on Copy to Computer/Device, then click on your device. (To right-click on a Mac, press the Control key and click your mouse.)

If you click on the name of your device under the Devices menu, you should see the book listed as being on your e-reader. You can now unplug your e-reader from your computer.

Learn how to return titles early. If you don't return them early, they will simply expire off your device and account.