How to suggest a title be added to Library2Go

If you don't find a title that you are looking for in Library2Go, you can request that it be added to Library2Go, as long as it is possible for us to purchase the title. Here is how to request a title for Library2Go:

1. Log in to your Library2Go account (you need to be logged in to make a suggestion)

2. Click on Advanced Search

3. Search for the item you are interested in, and at the bottom of the screen, choose "Additional titles to recommend."

4. Find your title in the results and click on the icon circled in the image below. If you don't see the book you want in the results, click here to learn more.

5. The next screen allows you to choose if you want to be placed on hold for this title if it is purchased for Library2Go.

Why are some books not available for request in Library2Go?

Library2Go is a service paid for and shared by many public libraries in Oregon, including WCCLS. The service is powered by a software company called OverDrive, which provides the interface you use to check out and download titles, and offers content (e-books, audiobooks, etc.) for libraries to purchase to provide for our patrons through OverDrive’s interface.

Some of the largest publishers in the United States do not to sell their e-books to OverDrive, which means we cannot purchase them for Library2Go. That means any titles published by some major publishers are not available to borrow as e-books in Library2Go. Other publishers may not offer certain titles in e-book format.

We generally try to purchase any popular titles that are available for us to purchase for Library2Go, so if you don't see a popular book in Library2Go, that is likely because the publisher chose not to make it available through OverDrive. Many other books available in print are not made into e-books at all.

WCCLS has signed on to the ReadersFirst initiative, which advocates for better terms for libraries and e-books.