Deauthorizing and reauthorizing Adobe Digital Editions on your computer and your e-reader (old version of ADE)

These instructions are for the old version of Adobe Digital Editions. We recommend upgrading to Adobe Digital Editions 2.0, as the old version is no longer supported.

Find instructions for deauthorizing and reauthorizing Adobe Digital Editions 2.0.

Create an Adobe ID

Create an Adobe ID here. You may want to write down the email address and password you use.

If you are authorizing your Nook, use the same email address you used to register your Nook.

Deauthorize your reader

  1. Plug your reader into your computer with the USB cable
  2. Open Adobe Digital Editions
  3. Make sure you can see your reader displayed at the bottom of the left on the left-hand side of the screen
  4. Press <CTRL>+<SHIFT>+<E>
  5. Select your reader from the drop-down list and then click Deauthorize
  6. Unplug your reader from the computer

Deauthorize your computer

  1. Open Adobe Digital Editions
  2. Press <CTRL>+<SHIFT>+<D>
    • Deauthorize Computer box will appear and say, "Are you sure you want to deauthorize this computer? If you have protected items in your Digital Editions library, they may no longer be readable."
    • Select Deauthorize
    • After selecting "Deauthorize" a message will appear stating "Your computer was successfully deauthorized. Restarting Adobe Editions will require you to reactivate your computer."
    • Click on "Quit"
  3. Adobe Editions will close.

Reauthorize your computer

  1. Open Adobe Digital Editions
  2. The Setup Assistant will appear, click "Continue" and then authorize/activate the computer with a new Adobe ID and password (that you created in the first step).
  3. Close Adobe Digital Editions

Reauthorize your reader

  1. Plug your reader into your computer
  2. *If you are using a NOOK, be sure to delete the file called .adobe digital editions from your NOOK (using your computer) before continuing.*
  3. Open Adobe Digital Editions
  4. Adobe Digital Editions should detect your device and offer to authorize it with your Adobe ID.

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