OverDrive Media Console app requires signing in with an Adobe ID after an app update on iOS

When you update the OverDrive Media Console (OMC) app on your device, it may de-authorize the app. (When you first set up the app to download ebooks, you created and entered an Adobe ID, which "authorized" the app. This is required to download ebooks to the app.)

When you update the app, this Adobe authorization will be removed. According to OverDrive, this is due to a change in Apple's privacy policies.

What does this mean?
When you open the app after updating it, you will be prompted to re-authorize the app with your Adobe ID and password.

What if I don't remember my Adobe password?
If you forgot your password, there will be a link on the re-authorization page to reset your password. Just follow the prompts.

What if I don't remember my Adobe ID?
If you forgot your Adobe ID, you can create a new one - there will be a link on the screen to do this. However, if you authorize the app with a different Adobe ID than you had previously, any ebooks that you downloaded with the previous ID will not work once you authorize with a new ID.

How do I re-download my ebooks if I've authorized my app with a new Adobe ID?
Delete but do not return the books from your app. Tap on Get Books and log in to your Library2Go account. Click on the Download button next to the titles you want to re-download. They will download again to the app on your device.