Switching between Library2Go and Multnomah County in the OverDrive app

If you use both your Multnomah County library card and your WCCLS library card to download titles in the OverDrive mobile app, here is how to switch between the two libraries in your app. The screenshots were taken with an Android device (Nexus 7) but the process is similar for iOS (Apple) devices. We'll note any differences in the instructions below.

1. Tap on Get Books in the app and then on Add Library (iOS users, look for Add Library underneath Oregon Digital Library Consortium)

3. Tap on Multnomah County Library

4. Tap on the star next to Multnomah County Library. This saves it in the app for next time. Tap on the Multnomah County Library website to visit their page to download titles.

5. This is what the Multnomah County Library OverDrive site looks like.

6. To switch between Multnomah County Library and Library2Go (WCCLS), tap on the Get Books button. For iOS users, that will be at the bottom left of the screen.

7. You will see the two options available to you: Multnomah County and Oregon Digital Library Consortium (Library2Go/WCCLS)