Why do I have to wait to check out downloadable books? Why don't you have certain titles in the format I want?

Why must I wait to check out a digital item?

Library e-books work just like print books. The library buys a certain number of them based on their popularity and what our budget will allow, and we can loan each copy to only one person at a time. We are increasing the content available to help balance the need for many copies of popular titles with the need for a wider variety of titles.

To find books that are available for checkout right now, follow these instructions for searching in Library2Go. WCCLS also buys extra copies of popular titles just for WCCLS cardholders. Log in to Library2Go before you search to see those titles.

Why don’t you have the books I want to read?

While the reasons we might not have your e-book or downloadable audiobook are complicated, it boils down to this: the digital book industry is in transition and book publishers have not yet decided how to handle digital library lending. In fact, a number of big publishers won't sell their e-books to libraries at all! Others choose not sell their e-books to OverDrive, the software vendor that powers the Library2Go service. Learn more about the e-book publishing landscape

When it comes to downloadable audiobooks, publishers are generally more comfortable with a traditional library lending process, but many only offer their titles to us in WMA format, rather than in the more universally compatible MP3 format. The selection of MP3 titles is growing, and we are hopeful that this trend will continue.

So, in the meantime, while the world of downloadable library materials sorts itself out, please know that WCCLS is advocating for your right to enjoy library material in any format you choose.  Please consider sharing your opinion on this issue with publishers and your elected representatives.