Frequently Asked Questions: Catalog (Patron Access)

How do I start a Reading History?

The Reading History keeps track of what books you have checked out with your card, starting with the first books you check out after turning on the Reading History function.

  • You may elect to start this history from your Patron Account.  From the My Records screen, expand the Contact Information & Preferences section, scroll to the bottom and use the "Maintain Reading list" checkbox to turn it on or off.
  • When this feature is turned on, the list of titles you have borrowed will be generated at Check Out and will be posted to your account overnight.
  • You may view the list from your Patron Account.
  • You can start or stop this feature at any time.
  • When you stop the Reading History, any titles that have been saved will be deleted. If you start it again, it will start from that moment, and will not retain any previous history.
How do I create a Saved Search?

In the library catalog:

  1. Execute a Keyword, Phrase, Advanced or Boolean search for a favorite author or subject, then click on "save search."
  2. Fill out the Saved Search form. You may elect to be notified by email when your search finds new materials in the system.
  3. Your Saved Search will appear in the lefthand column of your screen when you are logged in.
What is a Title List and how do I create one?

A title list can be useful if you are trying to keep track of many items that are not all the result of one search. Once you have created a title list, you can save it to disk, print it, or email it to yourself or someone else.

  • Once you have found an item you want to save to a title list, click on "Add to Title List" (below the book/item information).
  • This will open a "My Title List" box on the left side of your screen.
  • Any additional titles you save after this point will be added to your list.
  • You can then save, print, or email your list at any time. You may also delete an individual title from your list, or delete the entire list at one time.
Other questions about how to use the catalog...

The WCCLS library catalog (also known as the Polaris PowerPAC) has its own online help pages, accessible via the help button from within the catalog. These pages provide detailed information on the features available in the WCCLS catalog.

What are those icons I see in the title display?

An icon in the title display represents the item's format. These icons can help you distinguish between different formats of the same title.

When doing Keyword searching at your library, you may bring formats together by sorting on the icon column heading.

A globe icon indicates that an Internet link is available for the item.