Frequently Asked Questions: Holds

How do I Suspend/Reactivate my holds?

The WCCLS catalog lets you suspend (make inactive) existing hold requests from your patron account requests list.

  • Any hold request in "Active" status may be converted to "Inactive" status until a future reactivation date of your choice.
  • You do not lose your place in the hold queue during the inactive period and continue to advance in the queue.

You may also choose a future activation date at the time of your original hold request.

You can manage your hold requests from your patron account.

  • Requests will automatically convert to "Active" on the date specified by you during the suspend process.
  • You may extend an existing reactivation date.

Your position in the hold queue will continue to advance during the inactive period.

  • Inactive holds are "invisible" in the hold queue until they are reactivated, but they retain their place based on the date/time they were originally placed.
  • If a suspended hold reaches the top of the hold queue, it will remain there until it is reactivated.
  • If a suspended hold has not yet reached the top of the queue, it will maintain its current position when  reactivated.
How do I view my holds?
  • Click on Patron Account and log on with your barcode and password.
  • Click on Requests to see your Hold Requests
How many days do I have to pick up items being held for me?

Library materials are kept on the hold shelf for 7 business days.

When items go to Held status and are put on the hold shelf, a notice is sent either by mail, phone, or by e-mail.

  • A notice sent by US mail might take several days to reach you.
  • A phone call is placed the same day or the next day. If we cannot reach you by phone, we will send a paper notice by US mail.
  • E-mail notifications are sent every day starting at 6:00 AM.

Therefore, while your library materials will remain on the hold shelf at the library for 7 days, you should pick up your holds as soon as possible after notification. Mail notices contain the date by which you must retrieve the material.

What is a hold?

A "hold" is a reservation you may place on a specific title. When a copy of that title is checked in at any Washington County library, that copy will be held at the designated Pick-up library for the next patron in line with a hold on that title.

Note: in the WCCLS catalog (by Polaris library system), holds are referred to as "Requests," but requests and holds are the same thing.