Mailing FAQs

How much do I pay for this service?

The Books-By-Mail service is paid for by Washington County Libraries and is free to Washington County residents.

How do I receive materials?

Materials arrive in dark-blue, nylon zippered-bags. You may contact your mail carrier for special instructions if you cannot get to your mailbox.

How do I return materials?

Remove the mailing label from the plastic pocket on the blue nylon bag. Flip the label over to read Library Outreach Services and insert into the plastic pocket. Fasten the velcro closure securely, then insert appropriate library materials and zip the bag. Place the bag in the appropriate place for your mail carrier.

What if I misplaced the mailing label?

Scroll to the bottom of the page for a mailing label to print and cut out if the card has been lost.

Can I save the library money if I have a friend or family member return the materials to a county library?

We appreciate the thought, but this is not necessary and will not save cost. The mail service charges for sending and returning the package at the time of mailing.

How do I request more materials?

Print out a Request Form to write down your choices and include with your return mail or mail in an envelope through regular mail. You may also call the office at any time to speak to a person or leave a voicemail message. 503-648-9785


Duplicate Mailing label:

Library Outreach Service

Washington County Cooperative

Library Services

111 NE Lincoln St. MS # 58-A

Hillsboro, OR 97124-3036