Patron Tributes

Although we do not meet our patrons face-to-face, we know the heartstrings are long and strong from both ends. We tip our hats to you, the people we serve. Here's how you enrich our work lives by comments you have made! Enjoy!


Thank you so much for the services you are providing. From my reaction, you could tell some of how much you are brightening my life. Few things please me more than having my limited horizons expanded. It is days later and I am still floating on cloud nine at having new avenues of communication and information open to me. Joining your program has me feeling I have been handed the keys to a vault of gold. For so long the printed word has been mostly out of my reach. Your work is so appreciated, as was both of your kindness and professionalism. With a full heart...

Hope you know of the many happy hours of reading pleasure you provide with your wonderful service.

Thank you good friends for your prompt response to my requests you sent "Gaslight" and I was so entertained my aches and pains left for the evening listening to such a well done video.

Thank you for the kindness you always showed to my mother... You took the time to listen to her. She looked forward to the books and movies, but more than that she knew she could call you and you would treat her like a person that mattered in life. She passed away yesterday. Thank you, ...

Your kindness meant so much to me. You were a pleasure to talk to and I'm sure a treasure to those who know you. You did something you did not have to do -- that says so much about you. Thank you, ...

I thank you for being so kind and sending me books! You do not know how much I appreciate and look forward to them! With thanks, ...

Thank you! I love receiving books -- it is a great service for anyone, but especially the elderly.

This is a wonderful service. So prompt and efficient in sending me cassettes. I would not want to do without it.

I can get my groceries on line. With catalogs for clothes, et al, and the lift to doctors, I can remain independent. Some disabled can afford to purchase books or services, most of us cannot.

You fill my lonely hours with such wonders! Thanks again!

This service has made such a difference in the quality of my life - Thank you

I'd like to contribute $10 a month to this service - It's so important to me.

Thank you so much for the services you provided, and willingly gave to me while I lived there. Now, I live in Douglas County. And they have never heard of Outreach, this really hurts people like me. So thanks again.

Your service is a godsend and is much appreciated!

For myself -- your service ranks in my vital column along with food + shelter. Thanks for being there and here.

I cannot read standard print, and the large print is a Godsend. Your Outreach Program is invaluable to me.

How nice & thoughtful of you to go to this trouble to get this particular book for me. I do appreciate it! The book was thoroughly entertaining -- light reading, but oh, so much fun.

Your service has certainly saved my neck and made my life more workable.

Books are my friend. Growing up, I lived in the library.

It's a lifesaver... thrive on the wonderful books... so helpful. It's a blessing. I injured my back and just couldn't manage at the library anymore.

Thank you for our service. Wish I could meet you and hug you all