Telephone Renewals

Call the Telephone Renewal number (503 846-3245) to hear library and account information, and to renew items by telephone.

You will be asked for your library barcode (account ID) and password to access the following options:

  • Hear an activity summary:
    Total number of items out
    Total number of items overdue
    Total number of "open" hold and InterLibrary Loan requests (all hold requests that are currently filled or may yet be filled)
    Total number of items on the hold shelf and ready for pickup
    Total current account charges
    Total current account credit
  • Hear a list of all items out:
    Lists all items out with due dates
    Provides options to renew all your items or a specific item, either by selecting a title or entering an item barcode
  • Hear a list of overdue items:
    Lists overdue items checked out to you
  • Hear a list of all requests:
    Lists all of your "open" hold and InterLibrary Loan requests
  • Hear a list of items held:
    Lists all items currently held for you
  • Hear an account statement: (summarizes your patron account)
    Total Amount owed
    Total credits
    Total deposits

Please be aware that certain conditions will block renewals.

NOTE:  You may quit the session or hang up at any time.