Fingerplay Fun

Fingerplays for Pre-Readers

Fingerplays and rhymes are wonderful literacy builders! They encourage conversations, beg to be sung and are built around a love of play. Fingerplays and rhymes are infectious and fun! Enjoy these videos of Washington County librarians demonstrating some of their favorite rhymes.

How do rhymes help build literacy skills?

  1. Rhymes are packed with words we don’t always use during normal day-to-day conversation. They increase your child's vocabulary and help them make predictions about words when they're learning to read.
  2. Rhymes force us to slow down our pronunciation and help us focus on the smaller sounds that make up a word. The ability to recognize these smaller sounds helps children sound out words when they're learning to read.
  3. Rhymes often follow very predictable patterns. Recognizing the patterns in language helps kids build prediction skills they will need to become successful readers.

Get a Rhyme Booklet

Visit your local Washington County library to pick up a free Fingerplay Fun rhyme booklet and share these rhymes with the children in your life. For more information on helping kids get ready to read, please visit our Early Literacy information page.

Featured Video

A fun and simple finger play with a classical music twist!