Volunteering at Cedar Mill

Volunteer Coordinator: 
Kevin Kelley
(503) 644-0043 ext. 111

If you are interested in learning more about volunteering at either the Cedar Mill Community Library or the Cedar Mill Community Library @ Bethany, the following information is for you.

From the Cedar Mill website:

The Cedar Mill Community Library was founded in 1974 by community volunteers as a non-profit public library. Today it continues to be operated by an association. The Library relies on the efforts of more than 300 volunteers and 45 paid staff members to provide free library service 7 days a week.

Join us: Volunteers are as important today as they were when the library was founded. We invite you to join our vital group of volunteers who sustain this community library. We can offer you:

* Over 100 different volunteer positions
* A vital role in maintaining library and Second Edition services
* Opportunities for our wonderful youth - 52% of our volunteers are under the age of 18
* ADA (American Disability Act) friendly positions
* Friendship
* Association with people who love books
* Diversity that reflects our community
* 29% of our volunteers are male
* Leadership opportunities
* Group service projects

Come make a difference in your community library!

More information:

Find out more about volunteering at Cedar Mill Community Libraries.