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Differences between Cloud Library & OverDrive

Why does WCCLS have more than one e‑book and audiobook service?

WCCLS started with OverDrive (Library2Go), as part of a nearly state‑wide consortium called Library2Go. We added Cloud Library to have an e‑book/audiobook service that is reserved just for WCCLS cardholders.

Why do you have some titles in one app but not in the other?

We’ve had the OverDrive service for longer, and some of the titles we have in OverDrive are no longer available for sale by their publishers. Also, since we started with Cloud Library in 2014, our collection there is newer, and hasn't had the time to grow as large. We do keep the wait time for holds about the same between each service.

How do I know whether I should use Cloud Library or Overdrive?

If you have a Kindle e‑ink reader (like a Paperwhite), you’ll need to use OverDrive, as Cloud Library is not compatible with Kindle.

Many library users find the Cloud Library app much simpler to use than OverDrive. If you are new to downloading e‑books and audiobooks, we recommend that you start with Cloud Library.

If you are a more experienced app user, why not try both? You can install both Cloud Library and the OverDrive apps on your device. See which one you like better, in terms of the book selection and the features. Or, if you’re a voracious reader, using both Cloud Library and OverDrive on a regular basis will let you check out twice as many titles, and place twice as many holds on digital titles.

Can I see all the downloadable titles you have in one place?

Yes! Search the WCCLS catalog for a particular title, and if we have it in OverDrive or Cloud Library, you’ll see a record for it. You’ll see [downloadable ebook] or [downloadable audiobook] in the title. 

Screenshot: WCCLS catalog and 3M

If you see a Cloud Library icon, then you’ll know it’s available in Cloud Library, and can be checked out or placed on hold in the catalog, to read or listen to later, using the Cloud Library app. If it’s a downloadable title without a Cloud Library icon, then it’s a title in OverDrive. Open the OverDrive app on your device to find the title, place a hold or download it. 

Happy downloading!