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How to get the Cloud Library app

PC or Mac: Using the app to transfer Cloud Library e‑books to your e‑reader

You can transfer to Nook or Kobo e‑readers using the Cloud Library app. The only software needed to transfer to your Nook or Kobo is the Cloud Library app on your PC or Mac. When you use the app for your computer, you will be asked about authorizing it with an Adobe ID.

If you already have an Adobe ID on your computer because you use it to transfer Library2Go (OverDrive) e‑books to your e‑reader, the Cloud Library app should detect it and ask if you want to use it. If you use your computer and e‑reader for both Library2Go (OverDrive) and Cloud Library, you will need the same Adobe ID for all software required.

If Cloud Library does not detect an Adobe ID on your computer, it will ask if you want to use a particular Adobe ID, or if you want to use an automatically generated ID. If you do not plan on using Library2Go (OverDrive) in the future, choose the automatically generated ID option. However, if you think you would like to use both Cloud Library and Library2Go (OverDrive), you will want to create an Adobe ID and use that for Cloud Library.

If you have got your Adobe IDs mixed up between Cloud Library and Library2Go (OverDrive), you may want to de-authorize your computer and your e‑reader, then re-authorize your computer and your e‑reader with the same Adobe ID. Learn how to de-authorize here. To prompt Cloud Library to ask for your updated Adobe ID, log out of the Cloud Library app on your computer, then log in again.


Check the FAQs on the Cloud Library support site

If you need more help, please fill in this form and one of our library experts will help you by email.

How to suggest a Cloud Library e‑book purchase

If you search for a title you’re interested in, but don’t find it available for checkout or to place a hold on, you can see if it’s available for a purchase request.  Swipe from the right in the app, then choose to view Suggestions for Library. You will now see titles available for WCCLS to potentially purchase and add to the collection. Tap on Suggest to Library to suggest the title for purchase.

If WCCLS purchases the title, you will be notified the title is available for checkout, or is on hold for you.

How to switch between WCCLS and LINCC in the Cloud Library app

To access your different library accounts in the Cloud Library app, you’ll need to logout of the account. For example, if you're logged in to your WCCLS account, you’ll need to logout and then sign in again with your LINCC library card to access those e‑books.