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WCCLS Library People

Blaine Ross Lives a Multi-Dimensional Life

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

The Berlin Wall

After spending a good portion of his career in customer service, Blaine Ross has found a happy niche as a reference assistant at the Beaverton City Library.

“I’ve run a fish market, a deli and driven a bakery truck … I kind of surprised myself by turning up in a library,” he says.

A friend is to blame. She recommended he take a test to become a library assistant. He did, and then worked for Multnomah County Libraries for seven years. He’s now completed a decade at the Beaverton library.

Hillary Ostlund: Librarian, Adventurer … Line Judge?

Thursday, May 14, 2020
Hillary Ostlund in Norway with Kjell

Hillary Ostlund in Norway with Kjell

When Hillary Ostlund learned she could choose working in a library as an actual career she recalls, “I felt like I’d won the lottery!”

After working in libraries in both high school and college, it was a thrill to discover she could make it her life’s work.

A Lifetime Love of Languages and Libraries

Monday, May 4, 2020
Maggie Hannahs

Maggie Hannahs and a stack a books

If you’ve taken part in any of the adult programing at Aloha Community Library, you might not realize those events are run by a fiddle-playing linguist with an affinity for the Ojibwe language and a love of fan fiction.

Meet Maggie Hannahs.

Maggie will be the first to tell you that, despite working in libraries, she “never really decided to work in a library.” It may have been preordained by the love of libraries and languages that runs in her family.