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WCCLS Library People

Rocío Espinoza Brings the Library to Her Community

Wednesday, July 8, 2020
Meet Rocío Espinoza!

Meet Rocío!

Q&A With Rocío Espinoza - Hillsboro Public Library Community Liaison Coordinator

Why did you choose to work at the library?

I value diversity, inclusiveness, fairness, and found these values ​​in libraries. Libraries provide spaces where we are all welcome; no matter the age, origin or religious beliefs.  Everyone has access to the services offered, and will be treated with respect, dignity and kindness. The library connects you to the community.

Librarian by day … bass player by night.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020
Courtney Sheedy playing guitar

Courtney playing guitar

That’s how Courtney Sheedy describes herself. And that gives you a glimpse of the wide variety of skills she brings to her job as e-content librarian for the Washington County Cooperative Library Services.

When COVID-19 precautions shut down libraries, online access to Washington County libraries’ resources and services became essential to patrons … so Courtney’s been pretty busy. “People didn’t even get a ‘last call’ to check out materials. I took this overnight transition very seriously,” she says.

Virtual Virtuoso

Wednesday, June 24, 2020
Josh Chilcott

Josh Chilcott

Since March 14, life for Josh Chilcott, senior network analyst for the Washington County Cooperative Library Services, has been … interesting.

Prior to the state-mandated COVID-19 shutdown, only a few of Josh’s WCCLS colleagues were regularly teleworking. By March 23 the entire staff was working remotely. Successfully executing that massive transition, on top of working to complete an already-in-progress switch to a new  Microsoft  platform and getting two brand-new employee connected from afar -- is akin to pulling a white rabbit out of a hat.

Deidra Menser to Library Patrons: “We’ll be in Your Corner”

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Agates in Diedra's hand

Deidra Menser’s mother was right.

Menser was an avid reader growing up, which led her law librarian mom to conclude that she would love working in libraries. Deidra told her mother there was no way that was happening.

She’s now completing a master’s in Library Science and works as a library assistant at Tigard Public Library.

“Everywhere I’ve lived I’ve worked in libraries,” Deidra says. And that list is long. Menser, originally from San Diego, has covered Oregon from Ashland to Florence to Eugene and now Tigard.

I’m Giving Back …. It’s a Great Place to Be

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Araceli hiking in Kauai

Araceli Acosta is the library story time lady we all wish we’d had as kids.

Acosta, a youth services outreach specialist at the Beaverton City Library, can be found on the library’s YouTube channel, entertaining Spanish-speaking children with her animated singing, and readings of favorites like “La oruga muy impaciente” and “Un elefante se columpiaba.”

The secret to her infectious videos? “I pick books that make me laugh and that I enjoy reading. The first thing kiddos will notice is whether or not you really like the book you’re reading to them.”

Susan Cackler Works With Kids … All Kinds

Monday, June 1, 2020

Susan Cackler and one of her kids

As you might expect from someone who works in a library, Susan Cackler says she “reads more than your average human.” What you might not expect is that she also reads to her goats.

Susan is library supervisor and programs coordinator for Banks Public Library. You could say that her love of livestock led to her current position. She grew up on an Oregon sheep farm (although she says she “doesn’t like sheep”), and now raises dairy goats on her own farm in Buxton.

Blaine Ross Lives a Multi-Dimensional Life

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

The Berlin Wall

After spending a good portion of his career in customer service, Blaine Ross has found a happy niche as a reference assistant at the Beaverton City Library.

“I’ve run a fish market, a deli and driven a bakery truck … I kind of surprised myself by turning up in a library,” he says.

A friend is to blame. She recommended he take a test to become a library assistant. He did, and then worked for Multnomah County Libraries for seven years. He’s now completed a decade at the Beaverton library.

Hillary Ostlund: Librarian, Adventurer … Line Judge?

Thursday, May 14, 2020
Hillary Ostlund in Norway with Kjell

Hillary Ostlund in Norway with Kjell

When Hillary Ostlund learned she could choose working in a library as an actual career she recalls, “I felt like I’d won the lottery!”

After working in libraries in both high school and college, it was a thrill to discover she could make it her life’s work.

A Lifetime Love of Languages and Libraries

Monday, May 4, 2020
Maggie Hannahs

Maggie Hannahs and a stack a books

If you’ve taken part in any of the adult programing at Aloha Community Library, you might not realize those events are run by a fiddle-playing linguist with an affinity for the Ojibwe language and a love of fan fiction.

Meet Maggie Hannahs.

Maggie will be the first to tell you that, despite working in libraries, she “never really decided to work in a library.” It may have been preordained by the love of libraries and languages that runs in her family.