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WCCLS Reads: Summer Reading for Adults

Summer reading isn’t just for kids!

WCCLS Reads: Summer Reading for Adults offers weekly book recommendations by email and weekly prize drawings.* Registration is open June 1 through July 31.

Looking for other ways to participate? Check with your local library for additional summer reading activities, and check the WCCLS events calendar.


* Registration for WCCLS Reads: Summer Reading for Adults includes a weekly email newsletter with book recommendations and fun, engaging content. You may opt out of emails at any time after the first issue and remain eligible for prize drawings.

Missed the weekly newsletter email? Read the back issues here.

WCCLS Reads: Introduction

WCCLS Reads Issue 1: Home

WCCLS Reads Issue 2: Bookish banquets

WCCLS Reads Issue 3: Books to help you stop and smell the flowers

WCCLS Reads Issue 4: Our own stories

WCCLS Reads Issue 5: Ice cream & independence

WCCLS Reads Issue 6: Read for Trees

WCCLS Reads Issue 7: Expand your world

WCCLS Reads Issue 8: Travel through imagination

WCCLS Reads Issue 9: Tantalizing Travelogues

WCCLS Reads Issue 10: Library Joy

WCCLS Reads Issue 11: Tinker, Tailor, Mender, Maker