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Your Library Story

Tell us your library story! We would love to hear how the library has made an impact in your life, and perhaps share it more widely with others. Your library story can help us introduce more people to the wonder of public libraries in Washington County.

What's Your Library Story?

Your Stories


We introduced our child to the library with “Toddler Time.” We would also bring home a large stack of books each week. Although it was approaching lunchtime, I would have to read at least most of the new books before he would eat. ... In time those weekly visits saw science videos and other documentaries join the books. Not surprisingly, our son became an early and avid reader, volunteered at the library for several summers, and is about to graduate from college with a degree in English (creative writing emphasis).


I remember when the West Slope Library was being built and developed... It has been a joy to watch this little neighborhood library grow as I have.

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