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E-books and audiobooks for all ages

We have one great digital collection and two ways to access it. 

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Check-out limit: 6 at a time. These titles don't count against the number of physical library materials you have checked out.

Holds: 6 at a time. You have 3 days to check out a held title that is ready for you.

Loan period: 21 days. Library2Go's default check-out is 14 days, but you can change it to 21.

How to return: Downloadable books automatically return at the end of your loan period, but you can usually return them early if you wish.

Renewals: Renewals are not currently offered, but if no one has the title on hold, you can simply check it out again.

Help: Check out our FAQs.

Still having trouble? Contact us.

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Streaming e-books for kids