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Streaming Video: Watch Movies and TV Shows with Kanopy

Get access to more than 30,000 streaming movies with your library card. Kanopy offers a unique collection of independent films, classics, documentaries, shorts, international cinema, educational/training videos, and television series. Kanopy videos are available to stream any time. The Kanopy app is available for most devices.

Stream now with Kanopy
Stream now with Kanopy

Kanopy Kids

Kanopy Kids graphic

Kanopy Kids offers movies and TV shows that entertain and educate children of all ages from preschoolers to teenagers. Learn more about Kanopy Kids and parental controls.

Getting started: Visit WCCLS’s Kanopy site and create an account by clicking on the “Add a Library Card” button. Check your email to verify your email address. Add your library card number and password. You’re ready to start streaming!

Compatible devices: Kanopy videos can be viewed on computers and mobile devices via a web browser. The Kanopy app is available for iOS and Android devices, as well Kindle Fire, Roku and Apple TV. You can also view Kanopy videos with Chromecast or via HDMI cable. An internet connection is required. Learn more.

Monthly usage limit: You are issued 60 Tickets per month. Content values range from 1 to 5 tickets, with most feature-length films requiring 2 Tickets. The number of Tickets required is clearly labeled to help you decide whether you want to play that video.

Clicking “play” on a video will automatically redeem a Ticket. Your Tickets reset on the first day of the month and do not roll over.

You have unlimited access to Kanopy Kids, which do not require Tickets.

Loan period: The loan period varies. Each video is clearly labeled with a specific loan period before you decide to watch. Once you click “play” and a Ticket is redeemed, you will have unlimited access to view the video for the specified loan period.

Accessibility: Kanopy’s website and video player works with screen readers on desktop browsers as well as iOS and Android devices. All films come with closed captions and transcripts. Learn more about Kanopy’s accessibility features.

Help: Check out our FAQs.

Contact us if you still have questions. We're happy to help.