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WCCLS Executive Board

WCCLS is governed by the Washington County Board of Commissioners. The WCCLS Executive Board advises the Board of County Commissioners and the Cooperative Library Services Manager on:

  • Funding for countywide library services
  • Distribution of financial resources for providing countywide library services
  • Long-term governance and funding strategies


Aloha: Jean Doane, ACLA President
Banks: Jolynn Becker, City Manager
Beaverton: Abigail Elder, Mayor’s Office Director (Vice-Chair)
Cedar Mill: Peter Leonard, CMCLA Administrator
Cornelius: Rob Drake, City Manager
Forest Grove: Jesse VanderZanden, City Manager (Chair)
Garden Home: Anna Heinrich, GHCLA President
Hillsboro: Simone Brooks, Assistant City Manager
North Plains: Andy Varner, City Manager
Sherwood: Joe Gall, City Manager
Tigard: Marty Wine, City Manager
Tualatin: Sherilyn Lombos, City Manager
West Slope: Dr. Doug Bigelow
Washington County: Ruth Osuna, Deputy County Administrator
Non-Voting Members:
WCCLS Policy Group Chair: Denise Holmes, Banks Public Library
WCCLS Policy Group Vice-Chair: Adrienne Doman Calkins, Sherwood Public Library
Lisa Tattersall, WCCLS Manager

Agendas and Minutes

February 27, 2019: Agenda | Minutes
April 24, 2019: Agenda | Minutes
May 22, 2019: Agenda | Minutes
July 24, 2019: Agenda | Minutes
September 25, 2019: Agenda | Minutes
November 20, 2019: Agenda | Minutes

WCCLS Policy Group

The WCCLS Policy Group:

  • Provides technical and professional support and advice to the Executive Board and Cooperative Library Services manager
  • Develops and implements policies and procedures for the delivery of countywide public library services


Aloha: Terri Palmer
Banks: Denise Holmes (Chair)
Beaverton: Glenn Ferdman
Cedar Mill: Peter Leonard
Cornelius: Karen Hill
Forest Grove: Colleen Winters
Garden Home: Molly Carlisle
Hillsboro: Stephanie Chase
North Plains: Eric Danko (Interim Director)
Sherwood: Adrienne Doman Calkins (Vice-Chair)
Tigard: Halsted Bernard
Tualatin: Jerianne Thompson
West Slope: Terisa Brown (Interim Director)
WCCLS: Lisa Tattersall

Agendas and Minutes

January 31, 2019: Agenda | Minutes
February 28, 2019: Agenda | Minutes
March 28, 2019: Agenda | Minutes
April 25, 2019: Agenda | Minutes
May 30, 2019: Agenda | Minutes
June 27, 2019: Agenda | Minutes
July 25, 2019: Agenda | Minutes
August 29, 2019: Agenda | Minutes - Meeting canceled
September 26, 2019: Agenda | Minutes
October 31, 2019: Agenda | Minutes
November, 2019: No meeting
December 5, 2019: Agenda | Minutes