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West Slope Library Operational Model Study

Exterior of West Slope Library

West Slope Library is operated directly by Washington County Cooperative Library Services (WCCLS), and the only library within the county that is not operated by a city or non-profit organization. WCCLS is exploring alternatives to operate West Slope Library, which would align with the operational model for public library services in urban unincorporated areas of Washington County.


The Board of County Commissioners appreciates the vital role that libraries play in our communities, and the Board is committed to the continued success of our library system in Washington County. Like many public agencies in Oregon, Washington County continues to experience increasing community need, and the cost of delivering services to the community outpaces the revenue available. Under the Board’s leadership, Washington County seeks to ensure that library operations are led by partner cities or non-profit agencies; WCCLS is exploring an alternate model for the operator of West Slope Library with the goal of keeping this location open and continuing to serve the community.

As West Slope Library’s closest collaborators and neighbors in library service delivery, Garden Home Community Library wanted to find a way to deepen the existing partnership with West Slope Library by incorporating it into their non-profit agency, Garden Home Community Library Association (GHCLA). This would align West Slope Library with the operational model for public library services in urban unincorporated areas of Washington County, where the libraries are operated by non-profit organizations. WCCLS is working with GHCLA to explore transitioning the library to being operated by the GHCLA non-profit.

Exterior of Garden Home Library

Study Underway

WCCLS engaged a consulting firm, Library Strategies, to create a recommendation and transition plan for merging West Slope Library into the GHCLA non-profit. The Board of County Commissioners will review the transition plan later this summer, and if the Board of Commissioners and the GHCLA Board both wish to move forward, the transition process would begin. The study will determine a recommended increased funding allocation to GHCLA from WCCLS for GHCLA to operate the West Slope Library.

Please see the Board of County Commissioners’ acknowledgment of this workplan adopted at the May 7, 2024, Board meeting.

West Slope Library Services

Library services remain in place at West Slope Library. For hours and information about programs and services, please visit the West Slope Library website. You may also subscribe to the monthly newsletter for updates.

Updated: May 14, 2024

WCCLS Contact for West Slope Library Operational Model Study
Hillary Ostlund, Community Relations Manager, WCCLS