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WCCLS is pleased to offer wireless Internet access (Wi-Fi) at library locations (Sherwood Public Library has its own Wi-Fi network) for users with wireless-enabled devices such as laptops or smartphones. Please review the terms of use below.

What do I need to use the library's Wi-Fi?

A laptop or other wireless-enabled device is needed to access Wi-Fi. If your laptop does not have wireless built in, you must purchase a Wi-Fi-compatible network card. The library cannot guarantee that your equipment will work with the library's network.

How do I log on to the library's Wi-Fi?

Most users can simply bring their wireless-enabled laptop or other wireless device to the library and turn it on. The device will automatically recognize the wireless network. The library’s Wi-Fi network is called "library_wifi"; click on that name to connect. You may see other network names, but they are not provided by the library. There is no password, but you must consent to the use agreement by clicking the "I agree" button.

Can I print?

Yes! WCCLS libraries offer wireless printing options that work for most devices. Alternatively, you can save your work to a disk or USB drive or e-mail files to yourself. You can then sign up for a library Internet computer, access your files, and print through the library's network.

Can I use the electrical outlets?

Be prepared to use battery power. The libraries have limited electrical outlets. Do not plug into an outlet where you block the aisles, exits or access to materials. Do not unplug other equipment.

Is the information on my wireless device safe while I am connected?

Wireless connections are not secure; use caution when transmitting personal information. The library is not responsible for damage to software, hardware or files on equipment connected to the wireless network.  Please keep your electronic devices, and all of your personal belongings, with you at all times.

I'm using Windows 10 on my device; why can't I connect to Wi-Fi?

If you are using a Windows 10 device and the Microsoft Edge browser, there is an issue that causes you to recieve an error when you click on the Submit button on the WCCLS Wi-Fi agreement page.  If this happens to you, please try using a different browser, such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox to view and agree to the terms of use.

Do you offer technical assistance?

Library staff may not be able to help you connect to the library's Wi-Fi, and cannot perform repairs or troubleshoot your equipment. For specific questions about your hardware or software, contact the manufacturer.

WCCLS Wi-Fi Terms of Use

Your Warnings
This is a FREE service. It comes with no warranties or assurance of performance and by using it you agree that neither WCCLS and its personnel nor any member library and its personnel, will be liable for any and all consequences that occur through your use of the service. The Wi-Fi access service is provided "AS IS, WHERE IS."

You Understand and Agree:

  • This Wi-Fi access service provides no security features whatsoever.
  • You accept all responsibility for your use or inability to use this Wi-Fi access service.
  • You will be solely responsible for any and all statements made by you and all of your acts or omissions that occur, through the use of this Wi-Fi access service. We strongly recommend that you not disclose, receive or transmit any data or content that is confidential or that you would not want intercepted by others using this Wi-Fi access service without taking appropriate steps to encrypt or secure the information.
  • That no computer or communications system can be made completely secure and accessing the Internet via a Wi-Fi access service through the WCCLS Wi-Fi may subject your computers or communication devices to attack by third parties who intentionally or unintentionally transmit or spread malicious code, viruses, infections or contamination, or steal or view your data and information.
  • You may experience weak signal strength, depending on a number of factors, including where you are in relation to the Wi-Fi signal generators, the number of users currently accessing the Wi-Fi access service, what other radio frequency devices are in use within the Wi-Fi zone, or how well your computer or access device handles Wi-Fi signals and interference.
  • If you access or interfere with other patrons' use of the Wi-Fi access service you may be subject to prosecution for fraud, identity theft or computer crimes.

WCCLS Liability Disclaimer

  • The Wi-Fi access service is provided without warranty, express or implied, as to performance, merchantability, title, infringement or fitness for any particular purpose. The entire risk as to the results and performance of the Wi-Fi access service is assumed by you. Under no circumstances shall WCCLS or its personnel and affiliated parties be liable to you or any third party for any claim or cause of action arising out of or in connection with the Wi-Fi access service, including without limitation any use for purposes not in compliance with the WCCLS acceptable use policy below.
  • WCCLS shall not be liable to you for any liability or damage caused or initiated by third parties accessing your personal and financial data or affecting your computers, personal data devices, communication devices, software, data, property or services that may result from use or access of the Wi-Fi access service. WCCLS assumes no responsibility and accepts no liability for any failure by you to obtain access or make a connection to the internet via the Wi-Fi access service or a failure in telecommunication lines or wireless signals, or electric power sources operating the Wi-Fi access service or your access device. WCCLS does not warrant that access to, or operation of, the Wi-Fi access service will be uninterrupted or error-free or that any errors will be corrected.
  • WCCLS may terminate, suspend or interrupt this service to you at any time for any reason or no reason as WCCLS, it its sole discretion, may determine.

WCCLS Use Policy
You hereby agree to use the WCCLS Wi-Fi access service for lawful purposes only and shall not use, or allow others to use, your access, either directly or indirectly, for any unlawful, invasive, disruptive, harassing, or other harmful purpose. This service may not be used to hack, distribute spam, or transmit malware.

Host Library Terms of Use of Wireless Internet Connections
Regardless of Wi-Fi source, wireless Internet users on library premises must:

  • Comply with the host library's Acceptable Use Guidelines for the Internet (you may contact a staff member at the host library for details),
  • Stop viewing a site if staff determines that the site may create a hostile environment for staff or patrons,
  • Not access sites that are inappropriate for minors if there is a reasonable possibility that the sites may be visible to minors,
  • Not view, print, upload, download or otherwise access material unlawfully,
  • Conduct only lawful activity,
  • Use sound muffling headphones or mute sound to avoid disturbing others,
  • Not intercept or receive data not intended for you.

Copyright Warning: Use of this connection in violation of U.S. copyright law is prohibited. The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of a copyrighted work, including infringement without monetary gain, may constitute a crime punishable by up to 5 years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000.