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Apply for (or Renew) a Library Card

How do I apply for a library card?

Each WCCLS member library has individual policies regarding applying for a library card. Contact your local WCCLS library for details. In general, you will need a piece of identification showing you reside in Washington County and a photo ID.

We have application forms you can print, complete, and bring to your local WCCLS library with your identification. Click on the links to the right to access the application forms. You can also fill out the form at your local library.

How do I renew my library card registration?

Library card registrations generally expire every two years. If you are signed up for email notification, you will receive an email notice 35 days before your card expires. To renew your library card, call your local library. They may be able to renew your registration over the phone, or they will let you know what you need to bring in to the library to renew.

Who is eligible for a Washington County Cooperative Library Services (WCCLS) library card?

Washington County residents are eligible for a WCCLS library card.  Washington County property owners are also eligible for a free card.

Live in the Portland metro area?

Residents of some neighboring counties may also obtain a WCCLS library card without a fee through the Metropolitan Interlibrary Exchange (MIX) agreement. This agreement says that if you work in one county, shop in another, and go home to yet another, you can use any library you find convenient. Residents who live in Multnomah County, Clackamas County (excluding Johnson City), Hood River County in Oregon, Skamania County, Klickitat County, or reside in the Fort Vancouver Regional Library District or the City of Camas in Washington, may obtain a WCCLS library card without paying a non-resident fee. And Washington County residents, in turn, are eligible to obtain library cards without fee at any of the public libraries in the systems listed above.

Live outside of Portland metro and Washington County?

Thanks to the Oregon Library Passport Program, if you are an Oregon resident and have a library card from a participating Passport Program library, you can get a free library card at WCCLS. Find a list of participating libraries here.

The Passport Program provides limited access to WCCLS libraries and materials must be checked out and returned to a WCCLS library (your home library will not return them for you).  Limited access includes:

  • Up to 10 checkouts at a time
  • Up to 10 holds
  • No Interlibrary Loans (ILLs)
  • Card is good for one year (you may renew)

Here is what you need to be eligible to get a free WCCLS library card through the Oregon Library Passport Program:

  • You are an Oregon resident who resides outside of Washington, Clackamas, Multnomah, Hood River, Skamania, Klickitat counties or Camas (Residents of those counties are eligible for a MIX card - see above)
  • Photo ID with proof of address
  • Library card from a participating Passport Program library

If none of the above...

If you reside outside of Washington County or any of the MIX jurisdictions listed above, and your local library does not participate in the Oregon Library Passport Program, you may obtain a WCCLS non-resident library card for an annual fee of $140. This entitles you to use the collections and services of any WCCLS member library. (WCCLS non-resident cardholders are not included in the MIX agreement.)

Can I access other Oregon libraries with my WCCLS library card?

If you are a resident of Washington County, your WCCLS library card gives you free access to libraries across the Portland metro area, via the MIX agreement.

Your WCCLS library card also enables you to get a free library card at any Oregon libraries participating in the Oregon Library Passport Program. Find a list of participating libraries here. To get a card at a participating Oregon Passport library, simply show your WCCLS library card, and whatever identification the library requires to get a card at their library. This is usually photo ID with a proof of address.

Checkout limits, loan periods, etc. vary, and are determined by each Passport Library.