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Early Learning Birth to Age 5


Get an E-Access Library Card online

No library card necessary

Get a General Library Card at the library

Woman and child reading a book together
  • Play with early learning toys you can borrow from the library. You must pick up and return the toys at the library location specified in the online catalog entry for the toys you want to borrow.
  • Look, listen, and follow along with picture book and CD sets you can pick up at and return to the library of your choice.
  • Borrow picture books, board games for preschoolers, children’s music CDs, and more materials you can pick up at and return to the library of your choice.
    Here are some lists to get you started (in English).
    Here are some lists in Spanish to get started.
  • It’s free! Children’s books do not have late fines. If you damage or lose an item, you will be charged a replacement fee. There is a small fine for returning teen and adult books late.

Get library resources for you (parents, child care providers, and preschool teachers)

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Photo by Megan Zabel Holmes for United Way of the Columbia-Willamette.

Access resources provided by some of the library’s early learning community partners

Woman and child playing with bead cubes

You can help the children in your life get ready for school!

Children learn vocabulary words, letter names, letter sounds, communication skills, background knowledge, and how books and stories work by doing the following activities with you. Learn more about early learning and the reading process by visiting Reading Rockets and ¡Colorín colorado!


  • Tell family stories
  • Describe what you’re doing and hearing
  • Name colors, shapes, and objects you see


  • Sing along with the radio
  • Clap along with songs you know
  • Use words that rhyme


  • Build with blocks, boxes, or LEGO®
  • Pretend to do different jobs
  • Act out favorite storytimes

Share books:

  • Talk about the pictures
  • Ask questions about the story
  • Read books again and again

Draw and color:

  • Trace shapes, letters, and numbers
  • Cut, glue, and tape paper
  • Color with crayons or markers


Being ready for school is about more than what your child knows. Here are some things to help you child get ready to be part of a class:

  • Make routines
  • Take turns
  • Talk about feelings
  • Be kind
  • Read and play together everyday