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About Washington County Cooperative Library Services

Washington County Cooperative Library Services (WCCLS) is a partnership of Washington County, nine cities, and three non-profit associations to deliver excellent countywide library services. This means that Washington County residents can use any of the 16 public library locations in the county, all using the same library card. Member libraries share their books and other library materials, so whether you live in Banks or Beaverton, Bethany or Sherwood, you have access to the same amount of library materials - about 1.7 million items countywide. Order items online for pick-up to your local library, and return them to any library in the county.

What does the County do?

WCCLS provides the following to efficiently serve people in Washington County:

  • Funding: We secure and distribute the primary funding for countywide public library service.
  • Infrastructure Support: We provide technology and logistics support to ensure equitable access to library materials and services.
  • Direct Service: We provide services to the public that are more effectively delivered at a county level.
  • Marketing & Communications: We develop and deliver messaging that drives awareness of the value that WCCLS and libraries provide to their communities.
  • Leadership & Training: We identify common goals and provide training resources to ensure a consistently exceptional patron experience.

What do local libraries do?

  • Provide and maintain library facilities (buildings)
  • Supplement WCCLS funding with local funds; amount is determined locally
  • Manage their library operations, including staffing, hours, public events and library materials
  • Agree to comply with WCCLS policies and procedures
  • Agree to treat all WCCLS cardholders the same