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About Washington County Cooperative Library Services

The libraries in Washington County work together in a spirit of cooperation that extends beyond local boundaries in order to provide excellent countywide library service to all residents. WCCLS is governed by the Board of County Commissioners and the majority of funding for local public library service comes from the County. WCCLS is a partnership of the County, nine cities and three non-profit associations. Meeting the needs of all residents — from large and small cities and the unincorporated area — requires a good deal of give and take on the part of all libraries and their governing bodies, and is accurately reflected in the name, Cooperative Library Services.

By sharing materials between libraries the size of the "collective" collection is about 1.6 million items. By comparison, the Beaverton Library (the largest in the county) owns about 400,000 items. So whether you live in Banks or Beaverton, you have access to a virtual collection much greater than what any one library can provide.

For more information, see a brief history of the Cooperative Library Services.

What does the County do?

  • Primary source of funding for public library service (other funding comes from cities and local fundraising)
  • Provides support to member libraries based on established goals and objectives
    • Daily courier deliveries between libraries
    • Youth service programs
    • Adult programs and services
    • Interlibrary borrowing
    • Computer technology and Internet (online catalog)
    • Cataloging coordination
    • Subscriptions to e-books, e-audiobooks, and research databases
    • Publicity, countywide promotions
  • Outreach services to special populations:
    • Homebound: Mail service to individuals who cannot get to a public library
    • Latino Services: outreach & education to Spanish-speaking families about library services
    • Children: outreach to children in care, early literacy education and awareness
    • Jail Library: materials
    • Administration of the West Slope Community Library (only county-operated direct service outlet)

What do local libraries do?

  • Provide & maintain library facilities
  • May supplement WCCLS funding with local funds--that's determined locally
  • Responsible for determining library staffing, collections, programs, hours, etc.
  • Agree to comply with standards, policies, etc. set by WCCLS members
  • Agree to treat all Qualified Borrowers the same

Washington County Cooperative Library Services
Administration Office

111 NE Lincoln Street, #230-L
Hillsboro, OR 97124-3036
(503) 846-3222

Cooperative Manager: Lisa Tattersall