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About Washington County Cooperative Library Services

Who we are . . . what we do

WCCLS provides the infrastructure our 16 county library locations need to give optimal service to patrons, function efficiently, meet best practices and get the most out of county resources. We equip libraries with services like the extensive countywide materials circulation system; cataloging; logistics; digital acquisitions and licensing; network and IT services; training and project management; outreach services to county community partners; countywide marketing and communications . . . and more.

Centralizing these services not only saves money, but it ensures that every library – and every library patron – has access to the same high-quality library experience. All county residents can access our 1.5 million item collection and our entire digital collection from any library location.

WCCLS’ role in optimizing resources and information and advancing library projects is critical, because there is no single governing structure for Washington County Libraries. Each of the 16 libraries is governed individually – by either a city, the county, or a non-profit organization.

Our Mission

Partner with local public libraries to connect people to excellent countywide library services.

Read our strategic plan. [PDF]

Want to do a deeper dive? Read our latest annual report.

Read our statement on equity in funding for WCCLS Libraries.