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About the Catalog

The catalog brings together the best of the web and the best of your library:

   smart search. Discover the amazing items in our libraries with search that works like the rest of the web, using natural language searches like new kids movies.

   easy ways to browse. Find new titles, award winners, and recommended reads.

   a personalized experience. Create a custom username and use “for later” shelves to keep track of titles you want to read in the future.

   shareable content. Email new favorites to friends, or easily share on social media.

   An easy-to-remember username means fast login to your library account. Or you can log in with your library card number.

Take it to the next level!

   One Click Holds: Skip the step of selecting a pickup location by setting up your preferred location.

   Borrowing History: Opt in if you want the catalog to keep track of what you borrow. This information will never be public. If you had your Reading History turned on in the previous catalog, you can also choose to import that list.

   Shelves: Organize everything you want to read, see, and hear, as well as everything you already have. If you had Saved Lists in the previous catalog, you can choose to import all of them into your For Later shelf.

   Privacy: You decide how much or how little of your shelves and activity feed you’d like to share with others. All other account information is automatically private.

Add to the community!

   Follow: Keep tabs on what others (including librarians) are reading and recommending. When you find a list you like, click Follow to get notifications in your feed when they post more content.

   Make your voice heard: Help others find great things at the library by rating items, writing reviews, adding tags, and making recommended lists. Content you write for the catalog will be public, so that others can enjoy it. However, you can mark content you create as private if you want it for your personal use.

Get help

   Try the Help link at the top of every page for detailed instructions.

   Or try our Frequently Asked Questions, or Ask a Question.