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Activity Book Answers

graphic of WCCLS mascot Wallace, a teal caterpillar holding a round WCCLS logoHi, it’s Wallace the book bug! I hope you had fun with my activity book. I like the riddles and the fun fact. Oh, but I also really like the maze, word search, and coloring. What was your favorite part? If you’re ready for the answers, scroll down!

PS: Need to see the answers more clearly? Click on the pictures to see a larger version.

Crossword Puzzle Answer Key

Image containing answers to the crossword puzzle activity


1. Skateboard

2. Library

5. Adventure

10. Card


3. Games

4. Courier

6. Audiobook

7. Wallace

8. DIY

9. Sixteen

10. Cooperative

Word Search Answers

Graphic showing circled answers to the word search.

Find the Differences Answers

graphic of "find the differences" puzzle with differences marked with circles on the left side

Ridiculously Fun Riddles and Answers

  • What building has the most stories?
    A library!
  • What do librarians take fishing?
  • What do librarians say when they have to leave?
    Time to book!
  • What do planets like to read?
    Comet books!

Find Wallace!

Don’t forget to look for me every time you visit the library. Sometimes I’m shy and I might be hiding. If you spot me, head to the desk, and ask for a small prize. Ask your grown-up to follow my adventures on WCCLS’ Facebook and Instagram.

I also love hearing from friends! Email me at to let me know what you think of the activity book (or to send me your favorite riddle).