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FAQs about Accessing Online

Using at WCCLS

Normally, using the great online training resources at requires a paid subscription, but as a WCCLS cardholder you can access for free!

Can I use the mobile apps?

No, library patrons need to access via the WCCLS website using a browser. This will work on a computer or on mobile devices.

I got a message saying all licenses are in use – what should I do?

WCCLS is limited by to 100 of our cardholders using the resource at any one time. Please try using later. If a user is inactive on the site for 30 minutes or more, they are timed out to free up a space for another library patron.

Access to

How do I access through WCCLS’ subscription?

If you are outside the library, do not go directly to Instead, visit, where you will first log in with your WCCLS library card number and PIN. (Not sure what your PIN is?) Then, you will be prompted to create a account using your email address and a password you choose. Your account lets you manage your course history, playlists, bookmarks, and Certificates of Completion.

You should always access account via the WCCLS website. If you are outside the library and go directly to instead, you will not be authenticated as a WCCLS cardholder and will not be able to access for free. Bookmark and keep it handy.

If you are in the library, you will be prompted to create a account using your email address and a password you choose.

Account questions

Can I change my account password?

According to, you cannot change your password on your own. You will need to contact Client Services at 1-888-335-9632, extension 623.

I currently subscribe to as an individual paid user. How can I switch to using WCCLS’ free access instead? places some restrictions on people switching from individual paid accounts to free access through the library. If you have a paid individual account, your training history, certificates of completion, etc. on your paid account will not transfer to your free account through WCCLS. Starting a free account via WCCLS means you are starting with a blank slate.

Technical questions

I can’t use the Notebook or Playlists in my account

We’ve learned that there are two features that may not work as expected when accessing via the Research pages of

These two features are:

  1. Adding notes to the Notebook
  2. Adding courses or individual videos to a playlist

When accessing via the website at a location outside the library (your home, a coffee shop wifi, etc.), the Notebook and Playlist features do not function.


Once you have initially accessed via the website and created your account, you can then go directly to to access your account and all the course features. You can then always log directly into the website directly, and you will have the access provided by your WCCLS account plus fully functional features like Notebook and Playlists.

Disclaimer’s authentication check runs every 30 days. This means that you may have to periodically log in to via the website to update your subscription status. Bookmark and keep it handy for this.

More help

I’m having other technical trouble with Where can I get troubleshooting tips?

If you have issues with audio or video content playback on, check out these troubleshooting tips. For further troubleshooting tips, check out their support FAQs.

I have more questions. How do I get help?

Please contact your local library for assistance.