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Courier Trucks Get a New Wardrobe

Courier Trucks Get a New Wardrobe

Just in time for fall.
WCCLS courier truck that says "Where learning happens."

WCCLS operates three courier trucks that deliver books to and from our warehouse in Hillsboro so that you can pick up any of the county's 1.5 million materials at your local library. Last year, these workhorses logged 30,000 miles and hauled 2.5 million items. On a typical day, we process more than 10,000 items; our record is 15,231 items in one day.

The trucks were recently spotted around town sporting their new outfits (AKA "truck wraps"). Each vehicle was decked out with a unique wrap, so be on the lookout for all of them.

Off with the old ... Notice the blow torch.

Each of the three truck wraps has its own design.

Who knew fabrication could be so interesting?

On with the new ...

Look at that attention to detail!

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