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Summer Reading for Adults Starts Today

Summer Reading for Adults Starts Today

If the words “summer reading” make you feel nostalgic, this is the program for you.
Summer Reading for Adults starts June 1

Today marks the first day of Adult Summer Reading 2021. If the words “summer reading” fill you with nostalgia, this is the program for you. There are several ways to participate.

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  1. Join the conversation on social media

Follow WCCLS on social media and join the conversation. We want to hear about all things books. Tell us what you're reading, what you're re-reading and what you can't wait to read next. While you're there, watch for the chance to win great prizes.

  1. Enter our giveaway

Follow us on social media for a chance to win free goodies. Weekly prizes include a WCCLS tote bag and other swag. Every week you enter is another chance to win a Powell's gift card or Kindle at the end of summer. Watch for the giveaway post each week on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter starting June 2. Enter by commenting with #WCCLSSocialSummer. Read about rules and eligibility.

  1. Connect with your local library

Some libraries are hosting giveaways and making donations based on hours spent reading. Programs vary by location. Check with your local library for more information.

To kick off this season of Adult Summer Reading, let’s find out what staff are reading.

Meet Crystal Trice, former children's librarian turned project manager extraordinaire (also known as the Library Projects Coordinator at WCCLS). She was gracious enough to share her summer reading plans.

Crystal Trice reading at homeWhat are you currently reading?

The Cat Who Came to Breakfast by Lillian Jackson Braun on Libby.

Why did you choose this book?

My co-worker Barbara recommended the series a few years ago. My reading tastes are fairly specific: humorous enough for me to laugh out loud, characters who are endearingly flawed, and action that is fairly fast-paced but doesn’t keep me from falling asleep at night. At first, I didn’t try her suggestion because I’m not really a cat person and the titles made me think they might be “too cozy.” When everything shut down last spring, I came across the series again on Libby and found them a delightful escape from darker times – and so convenient to access with my phone when library buildings weren’t open!

What do you think of it so far?

This title is number 16 in the series, and I’m enjoying Qwill, Koko, and Yum Yum again, this time on an island being developed for tourists. The pair of Siamese cats don’t technically solve the mysteries in each installment … or do they? Part of the fun of the series is wondering what is feline superpower, what is merely coincidence, and what is Qwill’s intuition.

Where is your favorite place to read?

On my couch under a blanket, even in the summer. Cozy mysteries should be read cozily, right?

How many books do you expect to read this summer?

My reading goal is to savor at least three fun novels.