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WCCLS Documents and Reports

Here you will find a number of PDF documents that provide additional information about WCCLS, including Annual Reports, Long Range Plans, and consultant reports

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Current Year At A Glance / Annual Report
WCCLS 2017-2018 Annual Report (PDF)
WCCLS 2017-2018 At A Glance (PDF)
Past Years At A Glance / Annual Reports
WCCLS 2016-2017 Year in Review (PDF)
WCCLS 2016-2017 At A Glance (PDF)
WCCLS 2015-2016 At a Glance (PDF)
WCCLS 2015-2016 Annual Report (PDF)
WCCLS 2014-2015 At a Glance (PDF)
WCCLS 2014-2015 Annual Report (PDF)
PDFWCCLS 2012-2013 Annual Report (PDF)
PDFWCCLS 2011-2012 Annual Report (PDF)


WCCLS 2010-2011 Annual Report (PDF)
Strategic Plan, Long Range Plan & Consulting Reports

WCCLS is developing a new strategic plan for July 2019-June 2022. It should be posted here by late July 2019.

 WCCLS Insight Report by The Coraggio Group (PDF)

Documents listed below are related to older planning efforts.

 Westside Voices Library Survey Summary (2013) (PDF)
 Long Range Service Plan 2013-2016 (PDF)
PDFLibrary Trends (2009) (PDF)
PDFWCCLS Service Plan Consensus Report 2009 (PDF)
PDF WCCLS Funding Governance Consensus Final Report 2009 (PDF)
 Final Funding Governance Cover Letter (2009) (PDF)
PDFWCCLS Strategic Planning Discussion Guide (2009) (PDF)
WCCLS Intergovernmental Agreements
 WCCLS Governance IGA 11-2005
 WCCLS Information Network Agreement 2016
 WCCLS Network Agreement FY 18-19 Exhibit A
 First Amendment to the IGA, 2016
 Second Amendment to the IGA WCCLS IGA, 2016
 Public Library Services Agreement 2016
 PLSA 2016 Exhibit A: Funding Distributions