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Adventure Pass: Frequently Asked Questions

What is my Password (PIN)?

Your password was set up when you applied for your library card. The default password is usually the last four digits of your phone number. If you need to reset your password, please contact your library.

How do I get help if I can't log in?

Call or visit your library or contact us via email for assistance.

How do I cancel my admission pass reservation?

If you have not printed or downloaded your admission pass, you can cancel your reservation. Once you are logged in, click on "My Reservations" at the top left of the page, under the banner image. Click "Cancel Pass" under the appropriate reservation. Once you have printed or downloaded the admission pass, the reservation cannot be canceled.

Once I have logged out, how do I go back and print my admission pass?

You can print your admission pass by logging in. Click on "My Reservations" at the top left of the page, under the banner image. Click "Print/Download" under the appropriate reservation, and click "OK" on the reminder that passes cannot be canceled once printed. You can print or save the pass to your computer at this point. For most destinations, you can also save the pass to a mobile device and use it as a mobile pass. Oregon State Parks requires a printed pass.

I've lost my admission pass. Can I reprint it?

Yes. If you have lost your printed admission pass, you can go back and reprint it, following the instructions in the question above this one. (Note: Only one admission pass can be redeemed by the destination for your date and reservation.)

How long do I have to use my admission pass? Once I’ve printed it out, can I use it again later?

Admission passes are valid only for a specific date, not before or after.

I printed out my admission pass. Can I change my reservation?

Sorry, once admission passes are downloaded or printed, reservations cannot be canceled or changed. Please check that you have selected the correct date and destination before printing.

Is there a way to print from my iPhone or iPad?

Printing passes from iOS devices depends on your device configuration and installed apps, and may not work easily. Your best bet is to print from another device that is connected to a printer.  Most destinations accept a mobile pass for admission; the Oregon State Parks requires a printed pass.

Are you limited to a certain number of admission passes per year?

You may reserve one admission pass per destination per calendar year. You may have up to two active reservations at any given time, but not for the same destination.

What if I reserved an admission pass, but my spouse/nanny/partner would like to take the kids to the destination?

Valid ID that matches the name of the person on the reservation is required to redeem the admission pass at the destination.

Can I bring a guest?

Yes! Each venue allows you to bring at least one guest. The number of guests varies by venue.

Still need help?

Contact staff at any library or contact WCCLS for assistance.